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Harm caused by lead poisoning is often irreversible

If you have a child who ingested lead, you may notice symptoms of lead poisoning. Sometimes, it can take many years before these signs become noticeable. While some places, like Western Youth Services, can provide therapies your child needs, in reality, the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible. This does not mean you should give up, but it does mean that you and your child might have a long road ahead to develop coping mechanisms that will allow him or her to lead a productive and fulfilling life.

These therapies often come with a large price tag that make them difficult to afford. But, if your child was exposed to lead because of your South Los Angeles landlord's failure to provide a safe living environment, then you might be able to file a claim for damages. In other words, you should fight for the treatment your child needs as a result of lead poisoning. It will be important to learn more about the symptoms and treatment of lead poisoning.

What happens when your rental unit has a cockroach problem?

For many people, cockroaches are a source of squeamishness and even horror. They multiply quickly, hide in all kinds of places and create an unsanitary living space. If you've seen even a single cockroach in your rental, chances are there are many more.

Dealing with cockroach infestations generally requires expensive professional help. Once you advise your landlord of a serious issue, like a cockroach infestation, he or she should take steps to correct the issue within a reasonable timeframe. If they don't, you may have to explore your options for moving out or getting your rental unit treated for the bugs. You have the right to a habitable space if you're paying rent.

Ethnic names and housing discrimination: An unacceptable pairing

One of the most pervasive forms of discrimination that individuals with many different types of heritage may experience is finding themselves put on the bottom of a list of applicants simply because of the nature of their name. This might happen in job applications, and is prevalent in many rental property experiences.

This experience is far too common, and one that many individuals throughout America may never recognize until it happens to someone they know. National Public Radio (NPR) recently presented this frustrating experience in a piece on a couple living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who struggled to get rental properties to return calls after the husband left messages about seeking a rental, including his Hispanic name.

Bedbugs: A quick primer for renters

The thought of bedbugs can make your skin crawl. Many different stories have been in the news about people who go to movie theaters or hotels and come home with these tiny critters that make you itch madly. Those stories might lead to your avoiding the areas where bedbugs could live.

But, have you thought about what you would do if you find out that you have bedbugs at home? This is a disheartening and difficult situation to live with. Here are some points that you need to know about bedbugs:

Tips to avoid renting from a slumlord

Finding an affordable place to live in Los Angeles can be difficult, especially when you want to find an apartment that is nice, located in a good neighborhood and does not require too long a commute to work. Another important aspect of choosing the right rental is the landlord.

When you are paying to rent an apartment, you will have certain expectations of your landlord or property manager. For example, you expect that he or she will sufficiently maintain the property, fix the bathroom if you have a leaky faucet or ensure that the building is up to code. Unfortunately, it is easy to end up with a landlord that does not live up to this end of the rental agreement. By following the tips below, you can identify if your potential landlord is actually a slumlord before you sign your next rental agreement.

Your landlord has obligations

When an individual or company rents out residential property, the landlord has certain obligations. For example, if you are renting an apartment in Los Angeles, it must be "habitable." Also, while you are renting the property, your landlord is responsible for making necessary repairs and normal maintenance in order to keep the property livable.

In 1941, California passed laws that force landlords to keep residential rental property in a condition that is fit for each tenant's use. To find out more about your landlord's responsibilities, read further.

Lead poisoning: Diagnosis and treatment

Lead poisoning is a serious health concern that requires immediate medical attention. Although it's best to avoid this altogether, if you or your loved one is dealing with lead poisoning it's good to know that there are treatment options to consider.

If you have any reason to believe that you (or your child) has lead poisoning, ask your doctor for more information. He or she can run a blood test to determine if you're at risk.

Tips for parents to protect kids from exposures to lead

Being a parent is hard work, and sometimes it can seem as if the deck is stacked against you and your kids. If your child is exposed to lead in the home environment, he or she will definitely experience life-long difficulties.

Living in a toxic home

New law bars landlords from reporting tenants to ICE

This week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that made California a "sanctuary state" that offers protection to the state's undocumented immigrants. This is the latest salvo in the immigration battle between the Trump administration and Gov. Brown.

The law, which will not be in effect until Jan. 1, 2018, prohibits police from asking those individuals they encounter what their green card/visa status is. Furthermore, California police will no longer be part of any immigration enforcement tactics initiated by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

The dangers of lead poisoning can have unforeseen consequences

Last summer, one of the officers that faced charges over the arrest and subsequent death of a Baltimore native received an acquittal. The officers arrested the 25-year-old suspect for possession of a switchblade. From the time the officers placed the suspect in handcuffs and their arrival at the police station, the suspect had suffered from severe spinal cord injuries and was unconscious. One week later, the young man died as a result of those injuries.

Before the young man found himself on the wrong side of the law, he was what is commonly known as a "lead kid." He was one of tens of thousands of Baltimore children that had suffered long-term exposure to lead-based paint that was present in the home. At 9 months old, the Baltimore native had lead in his blood that was more than twice the level at which the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends action. At 12 months old, his blood lead level was six times higher than the CDC's limit. By the time he was close to 2, his levels were eight times higher. Overall, his blood lead level was 37 times higher than the average level of most children under five.

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