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Increased blood levels near Vernon battery plant

About five miles from downtown Los Angeles, in the City of Vernon, there used to be a battery recycling plant, operated by Exide. The plant, which last operated in 2012, was closed by federal officials over a year ago due to concerns regarding the pollution of neighborhoods near the facility.

The California Department of Public Health analyzed blood test results of children that lived closed to the plant. It discovered that approximately 3.5 percent of children in this region had elevated blood lead levels, compared to only 2.4 percent of children who lived outside the area.

How often is lead poisoning missed in children?

In California, many children come into contact with lead each day. This exposure may cause lasting health complications, making it essential that you take immediate action if you believe that your child is suffering from lead poisoning.

Unfortunately, many children slip through the cracks, and the necessary tests to detect exposure are not performed in a timely manner. We wanted to discuss the extent of this issue in the area, as well as some of the things you can do to ensure that your child has the protection that he or she needs at such a crucial time. 

Lead poisoning a serious issue in many California cities

We have all seen the news regarding the tainted water supply in Flint, Michigan. What seems so far away may be a problem in communities throughout California as well. A recent study of blood-lead levels in children by Reuters has shown that many cities across the state have seen a high number of lead poisoning cases affecting children, rivaling the numbers present in Flint.

The study examined data from 2012, which is the most recent year that blood lead level samples were available. According to the report, there were extremely high rates of blood lead levels in the Bay Area, as well as Los Angeles. 

Does your child have lead poisoning?

Many families living in Los Angeles reside in apartments or homes that were built prior to 1978, and are therefore presumed to have lead paint present. When you moved in, you should have received notice from your landlord about the potential dangers of the exposures to lead paint.

If you have children, it is much more important for you to be aware of the issues that exposure to lead paint can cause. If your child suffers from lead poisoning, you will be unable to reverse the harmful effects of the exposure. You need to be sure to take immediate action to limit the future damage that may be caused due to a prolonged exposure. 

What every family should know about the dangers of lead poisoning

Lead poisoning should be a concern for everybody, especially families with young children. This is because lead poisoning can lead to long-term problems such as learning disorders that affect a child's ability to thrive. It can also affect every organ within the body, including your heart and lungs.

The worst part is that lead poisoning tends to hit the people who are least capable of defending themselves against it due to poverty or a lack of safe places to live. For this reason, we are making it a priority to spread the word about the dangers of lead and what you can do to protect your family when it is in your residence. 

Children and lead paint: An unsafe mix

Many people in neighborhoods across Los Angeles live in homes or apartments that have lead paint. Lead paint was very common in the 1950s, and you should check for it if your home or apartment was built before 1978. Lead paint tests can be found in many hardware stores, and can give you a good idea if your residence is impacted.

The real danger of lead paint is the effect that is has upon children, especially children who are toddlers. There is no safe level of lead in the bloodstream, and anything above 5 micrograms/dL can lead to lifelong health problems including lower IQ, attention deficit disorders as well as other cognitive disabilities. This posting discusses some important issues regarding lead poisoning in children, and what you should do to protect yourself and your family.

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