Stop Landlord Abuse

Riley Law Group PC is a law firm in Beverly Hills committed to protecting the rights of tenants and their children from the dangers posed by slumlords, lead based paint, lead poisoning and other toxic chemicals. The firm's principal trial attorney is Grant Riley. Grant has more than 32 years' experience litigating complex real estate and slum housing cases. Riley Law Group PC is committed to protecting your rights, protecting your family and helping you fight back against abusive landlords. Do not let your landlord endanger you or your family. Call us today.

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Do Not Let Your Landlord Expose Your Children to Lead Based Paint

Lead based paint is extremely toxic and, unfortunately, can destroy your child's life. Children who are exposed to deteriorated, chipping, chalking or cracking lead based paint can suffer serious and permanent brain damage. Lead based paint can cause cognitive and learning deficits, ADHD, physiological damage (renal failure, delayed growth, delayed sexual development) and aggression that can last a life time. Unfortunately, many landlords and slumlords rather save money than remove deteriorated lead based paint from their rental apartments and rental homes. When that happens, tenants call Riley Law Group PC. We have represented thousands of tenants against abusive landlords and have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of children exposed to slum housing conditions including deteriorated lead based paint.

Fighting Back on Behalf of Tenants and Their Children

Rental apartments and homes crawling with cockroaches and bed bugs are a danger to you and your children. Apartments and homes which suffer from water leaks, mold, broken heaters, heaters that leak natural gas, lead based paint, broken stairs, broken railings, wood rot and other defects are not just a nuisance or an inconvenience - they will make you sick and injure you and your children.

Slum housing, deteriorated lead based paint and abusive landlords who retaliate against their tenants for standing up for their rights violates federal, state and local law. However, many landlords ignore their tenants and ignore the law when it comes to making repairs. Do not let that happen. Speak up and get help. Call us now.

How Long Do You Have To Sue?

In general, adults with lead poisoning have two (2) years from the time they knew or should have known that they suffer from lead poisoning and the cause of the poisoning. Minor children have until they are 20 years old to sue for injuries caused by lead poisoning. This is extremely important because your child may have been exposed to lead based and suffered lead poisoning years ago!