Your Rights And The Law

Apartment buildings and homes built before 1978 are presumed to have lead based paint. If that paint is deteriorated, chalking, chipping or peeling, it poses a serious threat to you and your children. Landlords must remove and abate deteriorated lead based paint.

What Are A Landlord's Duties Under California Law?

When you initially rent a home or apartment, before you sign a lease, your landlord must disclose if lead paint is present. They must also give you brochures that explain what this means, and what you should do to protect your family.

Landlords must also rent property that is "habitable," which means that it is fit to live in. There are very specific criteria that must be met in order for a property to qualify as habitable. When it comes to lead paint or other sources of lead in the house, landlords are not necessarily required to remove them from the premises, but they must notify you of their presence.

If a landlord decides to make repairs to remove lead paint, they must use companies who are certified in lead paint removal. Failing to do so can expose the landlord to significant penalties.

What To Do If Your Landlord Refuses To Acknowledge Your Concerns

If your landlord refuses to address any of the concerns that you have brought about the presence of lead in your apartment or home, you have to take immediate action to protect your rights. There are many different options available to you, and at Riley Law Group, PC, we can explain what we can do to get you the help you need.

Our attorney, Grant K. Riley, has more than 30 years of litigation experience. He has handed numerous cases against slum lords and knows how to recover maximum compensation for you. He will explain your rights and fight for you throughout your case.

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