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Los Angeles and other urban areas in California are overflowing with apartments and rental homes that are uninhabitable and in serious need of repair. Many of these rental properties are owned by landlords who do not care about their tenants and refuse to spend money to make repairs. They are more than willing to rent apartments and homes that pose a serious health and safety to tenants, their children and the public at large. Why don't landlords make repairs? Because they can. They know that, with the shortage of affordable housing in Los Angeles and California, they can always find a tenant who has no choice but to rent an apartment or house even if it is substandard and uninhabitable.

Because the majority of these properties lie in economically disadvantageous neighborhoods, many landlords and slumlords push their tenants around, threaten them with eviction, threaten them with deportation or withhold services. Landlord retaliation is against the law! You have rights - even if you are not a U.S. citizen!

Landlords are bound by the warranty of habitability. That means that every landlord must repair and maintain their rental apartments or homes regardless of what your lease might say. Landlords have a duty to provide you with a residence that is free from cockroaches, bed bugs, water leaks, mold and other defects. Your apartment or rental home must be habitable from the day you move in to the day you move out.

If you request repairs to resolve defects that pose a danger to your family, your landlord must take action. If he or she ignores your requests, you may have a claim against your landlord. At Riley Law Group PC, we can help you understand your rights and help you decide whether or not you have a case.

What Conditions May Lead To Claims Against Property Owners?

Riley Law Group PC has helped hundreds of California families recover compensation against slumlords due to defective housing conditions. There are many different defects that could potentially result in a lawsuit against your landlord. Some of the common issues that we see at our firm include:

  • Apartments or rental homes infested with cockroaches
  • Lead based paint that is deteriorated, peeling, chalking or chipping
  • Apartments or rental homes infested with bed bugs
  • Chronic water leaks and collapsing ceilings
  • Wood rot and mold
  • Rotten and broken floors, windows and cabinetry
  • Electrical wiring that is not up to code
  • No heat
  • Gas leaks that result in carbon monoxide poisoning

You may be reluctant to take action because you are afraid of what might happen if you speak out. Know that there are things that we can do to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Our lawyers can explain the law as it applies to your case.

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