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El moho, un enemigo silencioso

Últimamente, a nivel mundial hemos podido escuchar que los problemas de salud en cuestión a infecciones respiratorias han ido en aumento y en algunos de los casos estas mismas, han sido mortales.

Know the signs of potential lead poisoning in your children

With the real estate market so competitive, many people who rent in and around Beverly Hills may simply feel thankful to find a rental unit they can afford. Often, older buildings end up divided into rental units, which may have had lead paint at some point. Many times, landlords choose to simply cover up lead paint with newer, lead-free paint instead of having the lead carefully removed.

Landlord maintenance failures can lead to mold and health issues

California law does its best to protect both landlords and tenants. For example, landlords can evict, retain security deposits or file civil suits in response to substantial damages to their units caused by tenants. On the other hand, however, landlords must also maintain clean and safe spaces for their tenants. That includes ensuring adequate waterproofing and weather protection of the roof and exterior walls, as well as windows and doors. All too often, landlords will put off critical repairs and maintenance to save themselves a little money. That can cause a host of issues for tenants, ranging from damages to their property to serious health issues or injuries. Waterproofing, roof repairs and leaks can all be expensive to fix, but failing to do so could end up causing far more damage and cost over time.

Improper maintenance could lead to ceiling collapses and injuries

Renting properties can be a lucrative source of income. However, basic requirements such as maintenance, repairs, lawn care and other necessities can cut into the profit margin for landlords. Some landlords decide to just stop performing repairs or maintenance. For these slum lords, they are happy enough to take the rent of hard-working people and families without providing a safe and clean space.

How To Spot A Slumlord From A Mile Away

Thankfully, most landlords care about the condition of their properties and make good faith efforts to make repairs, fix water leaks and control vermin such as cockroaches, bed bugs, rats and mice. However, there are many landlords who just don't care. They buy old beat-up buildings not to fix them, but to suck as much cash as they can out of their tenants while ignoring much needed repairs. That's the definition of a slumlord - a landlord who values money over the health and safety of the families who live in their buildings. 

Are we underestimating the impact of toxic exposure?

During the last 30 years, scientists have been extensively studying the effects of toxins in terms of causing disease and death. What they have found may change our entire view of what is an acceptable amount of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants. These studies have produced results that indicate that low-level exposure actually has a greater risk for developing an illness or dying. This means that even minimal exposure to lead has the potential to cause some very serious side effects.

Harm caused by lead poisoning is often irreversible

If you have a child who ingested lead, you may notice symptoms of lead poisoning. Sometimes, it can take many years before these signs become noticeable. While some places, like Western Youth Services, can provide therapies your child needs, in reality, the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible. This does not mean you should give up, but it does mean that you and your child might have a long road ahead to develop coping mechanisms that will allow him or her to lead a productive and fulfilling life.

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