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On behalf of Riley Law Group PC posted on Friday, July 28, 2017.

Many California residents live in low-income housing, and the landlords who own low-income houses — in other words, slumlords — do not always keep their premises safe. One of the biggest problems that plagues families living in this type of home environment is the threat of lead poisoning.

It’s important for everyone to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in order to avoid the condition. By recognizing lead poisoning, those hurt by the condition may be able to pursue legal claims for financial compensation in California civil court.

Why is lead dangerous?

Lead is a heavy metal that is toxic to the human body. Lead contamination is especially dangerous for children because children more readily put objects and their hands in their mouths.

Lead can enter the body when children touch lead objects with their hands or put lead objects into their mouths. Children can also inadvertently consume lead dust by putting lead-contaminated hands and other lead-contaminated objects in their mouths. Also, because they are still growing, children’s brains and bodies are more susceptible to lead contamination.

Here are some of the symptoms that children with lead poisoning may exhibit:

  • Learning and behavioral problems;
  • Delayed growth;
  • Headaches;
  • Hearing difficulties; and
  • Brain and nervous system damage.

Adults with lead poisoning may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Complications during pregnancy;
  • Reproductive health problems for men and women;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Nervous disorders;
  • Muscle and joint pain; and
  • Concentration and memory difficulties.

Act fast if you’re suffering from lead poisoning symptoms

California residents who suspect that they or a family member is suffering from lead poisoning need to act fast. The sooner you take action to remove an affected person from the source of lead poisoning, the sooner the individual can recover, and the less likely he or she will develop permanent injuries.

Stiff rules and regulations exist in California to hold landlords accountable for keeping their rented properties lead free. There are also rules and regulations that govern how a landlord must notify tenants of the risk of lead poisoning if a property is known to contain lead-based products.

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